Starter Pack Bulk Assorted Wholesale Cut License Plate Strips (104 Strips) LPS-PACK-10

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Would you like to add magnet strips (.10/ea strip additional)?

This pack has a total of 104 assorted cut license plate strips "Starter Pack" that include a preset amount of each of letter, number and special character (see below for details).  Each individual strip is 1.5" x 6". Made of the highest quality high gloss aluminum for a weather resistant finish. Each strip is lightweight & durable with pre-drilled holes for quick and easy mounting. Each strip can come with or without magnets to be placed on the back.  Cut license plate strips can be used with magnets for refrigerator display or without magnets to be attached to walls, wood signs, etc.  These are not authentic license plate strips, they are replica and made to look vintage.

This pack has a total of 104 cut strips that include all of the following in assorted state license plate backgrounds:

A: 5 Strips
B: 2 Strips
C: 2 Strips
D: 2 Strips
E: 5 Strips
F: 2 Strips
G: 2 Strips
H: 2 Strips
I: 5 Strips
J: 2 Strips
K: 2 Strips
L: 2 Strips
M: 2 Strips
N: 5 Strips
O: 5 Strips
P: 2 Strips
Q: 2 Strips
R: 5 Strips
S: 5 Strips
T: 5 Strips
U: 2 Strips
V: 2 Strips
W: 2 Strips
X: 2 Strips
Y: 5 Strips
Z: 2 Strips
0: 2 Strips
1: 2 Strips
2: 2 Strips
3: 2 Strips
4: 2 Strips
5: 2 Strips
6: 2 Strips
7: 2 Strips
8: 2 Strips
9: 2 Strips
BLANK: 5 Strips

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